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[Something didn’t feel right…. Ever since I woke up, the air in my home just seemed… different. I couldn’t put my finger on the disturbance, but it was there. Palpable. Shrugging it off, I grabbed a quick shower to get ready for my night. As I was getting dressed and dragging my slacks on, a metallic clang from the kitchen startled me into action. Pots and pans don’t just fall from their hangers out of nowhere.

Soft stepping it out into the hallway and to the edge of the stairs, peering around the corner before taking my first step toward the source of the noise, halting as I lock eyes with a lesser at the foot of the stairs. Bounding down the stairs two at a time and reaching the bottom platform, I subdue the lesser with a choke hold before he thrusts his head back into mine, successfully freeing himself enough to draw his gun on me. Staring down the barrel of a .45 was not the way I planned on spending my evening. Dematerializing a few inches in front of him, I break his arm in the blink of an eye and kick his gun down the hall. Taking advantage of his shock, I place one hand on either side of his head, and with a combination push/pull snap his neck in no more than an instant. After he collapses on the floor, I rip the hour hand off the clock in my living room and straddle the lesser on the ground. Raising the shard of metal high above my head with both hands, plunging it deep into the chest of the fucker, I succeed in thoroughly coating myself in lesser blood as a flash of light fills the first level of my home.

Lifting a hand to wipe blood off of my face, I hear another lesser enter through the rear entrance in my kitchen. How the fuck is my security system not being tripped? Spend four grand on the top of the line shit, and the fucking thing doesn’t work when you need it. Bringing the antiquated hour hand with me, I head off the lesser before he gets even three feet through the door, stabbing him in the chest and dispensing of him just like his partner.

Grabbing a dish towel and wiping off my bare chest, ridding myself of the lesser blood, I toss the hour hand into the garbage. That clock was an heirloom that had been in the family for centuries upon centuries. Ruined. Because of a fucking lesser. I should probably call that number I had lying around for the Brotherhood. Let them know of the break-in. Fuck, @Haven_FF! Dematting to the edges of her property, I can see that one of her first floor windows is broken, and the front door is wide open. Dematting to the front porch and entering the house, I see that the inside is in shambles….. furniture turned over, curtains torn to shreds….] HAVEN!!! SAYBER!!!! [High tailing it through the first level of mine sister’s home, not seeing any sign of them. Maybe they weren’t home when the lessers attacked…. maybe they were at @Shaylhin_FF’s… Maybe @Shaylhin_FF dispensed of them and they are on the run…. No, @Haven_FF would have called me….

@Sayber_FF’s scream startled me out of my thoughts. Upstairs. They were upstairs. Bounding up to the second floor and skidding to a halt outside of @Sayber_FF’s door, I see her struggling under a lesser. She got one punch in and was able to throw him off her, but she was shaken, and there was lesser blood on her… which means that she had come into contact with another lesser already. Rushing into the room, and snapping the lesser’s neck before he has a chance to retaliate, I turn to her.] Sayber, you’re okay. [Taking her head in my hands I kiss her forehead in hopes of calming her down. Grasping her hand, I lead her down the stairs to the front door, meeting @Haven_FF and @Shaylhin_FF in the foyer.] Sister mine… thank the Scribe Virgin…. [Taking inventory of mine sister and her friend, I see that they are unharmed.] My home was attacked as well. We have to tell the Brotherhood…. I fear that another round of raids is upon us. [A crash from the next room startles all of us. Another lesser gaining entrance through a window.] Run! Run! [Ushering @Sayber_FF out the door ahead of me, giving her a head start on our escape.] To the woods on the outside of the property! Go! [Wishing more than anything that I had a gun on me to fend them off, but plunging ahead anyway, hoping to find a safe haven, at least for the rest of the night.

Up ahead three more lessers appeared just beyond the border of the surrounding forest. Fuck!] Split up! [Changing my direction with speed and agility I hadn’t known I possessed, I was vaguely aware of which directions the others had gone in. Looking over my shoulder, hoping to see @Sayber_FF, I do see one last glimpse of her before she tries to find an escape in another section of the woods. With a pain in my chest, I fear that it may be the last glimpse I ever get of her….] #Raids



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{Left hook. Uppercut. Three body rips. Knee strike. Roundhouse. Left hook. Uppercut. Three body rips. Knee strike. Roundhouse. Left Hook. Upper…. The choreography from last night’s lesson went through my head with as much familiarity as it would have if I was @Shaylhin_FF. I couldn’t practice out in the main room with the other females yet, seeing as I still wasn’t comfortable being around any unfamiliar people, but that didn’t completely deter me from practicing and becoming stronger and more confident with each passing day. Though, their movements out in the main room echoed my own. We were in perfect unison. Pausing as @Shaylhin_FF gave the direction, I looked at the target of my strikes. A dummy, made of some sort of synthetic material I was unfamiliar with. It had the torso, and the head of a man. But no arms. And no legs. Surely, it was designed to simulate the strikes as much as possible. But I couldn’t help to notice that the dummy had pecs and abs that I would imagine @Bane_FF would have himself… Curious, I stepped closer and reached out a tentative hand… Tracing the dummy’s lips… then collarbone… then down to each abdominal muscle ever so gently… Imagining it was the flesh of a real male… sliding gently back up to his pecs, I stroked over the nipples that were even there….The girls had mentioned that some of the males, and the females for that matter, got their nipples pierced… They told me that they had heard the procedure provides more pleasure during the act of sex…. they would be more sensitive to the touch…. I gently stroked one of the nipples before me…. Imagining what it would be like… what it would be like to be with a male who had these adornments…. a male who cared for you, as much as you did him…. Startled out of my haze by @Shaylhin_FF bursting through the door, I retracted my hand quickly, horrified at the realization that I was fantasizing about the act of sex… What was wrong with me…. Recently, I’d been having these desires… these… urges… Someone like me, with my history, should never fantasize about an act so vile and degrading… Ever. Hanging my head, in shame, I gathered my things and followed @Shaylhin_FF out to the alley behind her facility, and dematerialized back to @Haven_FF’s house to shower and curl up in my bed and hopefully forget the whole incident.}


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{Lessers. In the village. Mine father had gone out to help defend us and our neighbors, leaving myself, #Trehmor and mahmen alone in the house. “Barricade the door!” He shouted. “Cover up the windows!” He kissed my mother briefly on the lips before finally whispering “Then, hide. Wherever you have to. Just hide. I will find you.”

Mahmen did as he asked. She barricaded the front door with our kitchen table, covered the windows with our bed sheets, and tried to find a place for us to hide. However, one of the downfalls of living in one of the poorer villages was that there really was no extra room in one’s home. Thinking quickly, she ushered myself and #Trehmor out the back door and into the barn out in the back. At least there, we had an underground shelter. “Quickly Catiana, make haste!” The sound of my birth name was unusual and foreign to me. Carrying the 5 year old #Trehmor, whilst ensuring that he stayed quiet was quite the task, and one that I was successful at, at the expense of my own speed in fleeing our home.} I’m coming, Mahmen. I’m coming! {I whispered into the night. The sound only able to be heard by my mahmen just ahead of me. Otherwise, it was drowned out by the sounds of the raids on mine neighbors and their screams. Next door, the roof collapsed as flames engulfed the structure and wore away at the beams that held it in place for decades before. Tucking #Trehmor’s head into my shoulder, and keeping my eyes focused on the barn in front of me, I quickened my pace as fast as I could and reached the door shortly after Mahmen had. “Down in the cellar. Hurry!” My mahmen’s voice was frantic and panicked as she ushered us down the rickety steps below the barn.

She kissed us each on the forehead and whispered how much she loved us while she hugged us close. There were tears in her eyes as she began to ascend the staircase again.} Mahmen, no! What are you doing? {Tears were forming in my own eyes as I realized what was happening. “Catiana, the entrance to this space is clearly visible from inside the barn. I must make sure that it is covered so that you might survive… I love you. Always.” {It was at that moment, at the young age of sixteen, that I knew my life would forever be different. Holding tightly to #Trehmor and keeping him close, I said my final goodbye to our mahmen, and prayed that somehow she would be safe, even though I knew that the next sounds I heard would more than likely be her screams…..

Shooting up in my bed in @Haven_FF’s home, drenched in a cold sweat with tears streaking my cheeks, I quickly took an inventory of my surroundings.} Just…. Just a dream… Or, more of a nightmare really…. {Why did my subconscious continually force me to relive my worst memory? This must have been the eighth or ninth time since arriving in Caldwell that I’ve woken up this way. Almost screaming out for my Mahmen as I woke. Settling myself back down in my bed, hugging myself and clutching my new journal, I prayed to the Scribe Virgin that I would never have to survive another event such as that…. One event of that magnitude in someone’s lifetime was more than enough…..} #BDB_FF #Nightmares


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{Carefully removes the journal that @Bane_FF gifted to me on the solstice from underneath my pillow, stroking the black leather cover tracing the purple lacing, before opening to the first blank page. He had said upon giving it to me that the journal had reminded him of me, since I’m always wearing leather pants, and the purple matched my eyes so perfectly. He couldn’t leave it in the store on the shelf, but instead, purchased it for my first solstice present since being sold and torn away from my family so many years ago. I nearly cried when I removed the last of the wrapping paper upon opening it. The significance of such a gift more than @Bane_FF could ever know. Uncapping my stylus, tapping the blunt end on the blank page before me, trying to think of what to write, I find myself puzzled. @Bane_FF suggested I keep track of my experiences in Caldwell, and note how they affect me and what I think of them. But is that information really worthy of these pages? Or should I write something more… Meaningful? Confused, I decided to let my stylus do the thinking, and found myself drawing a picture. A face. A strong set jaw, sandy brown hair, the clearest, most reflective and innocent eyes, my mothers lips. The portrait in front of me was one of mine lost brother, #Trehmor. Gingerly, I stroked his brow, wishing with everything I had that he was truly there before me. A teardrop fell, and blotted the page, on #Trehmor’s cheek just as of he was crying too. Sighing, I sat up and clutched the journal to my chest, hugging it tightly. My memories of #Trehmor would fill these pages. Starting with the earliest memory I have of him. The day of his birth.}  #BDB_FF #Journaling

Solstice Ritual

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{Placing the single red apple on the square of cloth before me, I looked over the supplies I had gathered for the Solstice Ritual… a red candle, matches, some pinecones for decoration, a knife from Haven’s kitchen, and a glass full of a deep red libation to which I do not know the name. None of these items were explicitly mine, but they would indeed have to do for the ritual. From this night forth, the nights would grow ever shorter, causing the race to be locked up in their homes for that much longer each day. For this, I mourn. I have only just begun to truly enjoy what the world has to offer, and now that time would be limited. Not by any substantial margin to any other vampire, but for myself, it would clearly be noticeable.

Kneeling down in front of my makeshift altar and sitting back on my heels, I light the candle, extinguish the match and rest my hands on my thighs palm up. Tilting my head to the sky and closing my eyes, I begin to chant in the old language, words from my childhood when my mother would celebrate the Solstice with us. Stumbling and fumbling along the way, since it had been decades since I had last even thought about the words, much less spoken them out loud, but nevertheless completing the first of three verses. Feeling a warmth run through my body that was vaguely reminiscent of the last time I performed this ritual as I recounted the past year and what lead me to this point. My freedom, my newfound friendships, the devastation I felt as I learned of Trehmor’s death, and my recovery, which is not nearly complete but deserves mentioning as well. Praising my thanks to the Scribe Virgin for these gifts, good and bad, for they have shaped me into who I have now become.

Making the transition into the second verse of the chant about what is happening at present proved easier than the start of the ritual. Counting my blessings and again praising the Scribe Virgin for all that has been bestowed upon me proved to be something that was easier than I predicted it would be. One must experience both hardships and good times to fully develop, and due to my life experiences, especially in the recent past, I can say with confidence that I am on my way to becoming someone I can be proud of. It was all too easy to get caught up in this portion of the chant, until finally, the third and final verse of the chant fell from my lips, proclaiming what I shall do with these gifts in the future. Claiming to use them in such a way that would honor the Scribe Virgin, and bring honor back into my life.

Opening my eyes, and looking out into the night with new perspective, I gracefully reach for the apple and knife. Placing the apple in front of me and cutting it vertically down the center creating two halves, I take one in my hand and my libation in the other. Softly, and still in words of the old language, I offer a toast to the Scribe Virgin, and begin the simple feast, quietly biting and sipping until the last morsel and drop are gone.

Putting the candle out with my fingers, I gather all of my materials onto the cloth and carefully fold it up, leaving the remaining half of the apple and my pinecones as a tribute before rising from the cold ground outside of Haven’s home. Giving one last word of thanks before departing, unable to stop the small smile from forming on my face, and turning on my heel to make my way back to my room. This feels normal…. Normal is good. Normal is where I want to be. No more thinking about my past… Only my future. From this point, forth.}


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{Strength. Something I haven’t felt in ages. Since well before my transition -and it felt good. Stretching luxuriously in the bed that I’ve finally been sleeping in, then curling up into the white sheets and down comforter, thinking back to how I’ve gotten this strong. There’s just one person to really thank for that… Bane.
Bane has frequented Haven’s house these past weeks and checked in with me just as he said he would. He has given me his vein three times, though he refuses to even ask for my vein in return… which I’m thankful for. I don’t think I’ll be able to offer my vein for quite a long time… I wonder who Bane does feed from though. The thought of him feeding from another female leaves an unsettled feeling in my stomach as a frown touches my face. Does he have a female? Is he committed to her in the way that I’ve always dreamed a male would be committed to me? He must, how could he not. As attractive and pleasant as he is, he couldn’t possibly be available…. He must have a female’s name carved in his back. Rolling over, and hugging one of the many pillows that adorned the bed, clutching it tightly, I try to understand these new feelings. A connection had been made, that was for certain. But how much of that is influenced by blood? Is there any other motivation for these feelings?

He is quite a male. Sure. Strong. Protective. He would never lay a hand on another female in anger. He would make a great hellren one day, and a wonderful father. That much I can tell from the way he holds himself during his visits. He truly cares for his sister, and in turn for me. Though, he has treated me like a sister of his own blood, nothing more. It wasn’t until just recently, that I found that I’ve craved for that kind of attention, and maybe a little more my entire life. Now that I have that -in whatever capacity it may be- I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel, or what I’m supposed to do.

A knock at my door quickly brings me out of my thoughts. Sitting up straight in the bed, clutching the sheets tightly to my chest even though I am covered by my nightgown, my voice trembling as I call out for the visitor to come in. My nerves are settled, even though my heart accelerates at the sight of Bane opening the door. <<Good evening, Sayber. How are you this evening?>> A smile touches my face at his thoughtfulness, for in his hands is a tray from first meal, with two place settings and food for two. <<I thought we would eat together this evening, since Haven is out with Shaylhin for a while.>> My smile turns into a full-blown grin as he places the tray on my nightstand and settles himself in the chair beside my bed.} That would be wonderful, Bane. Thank you.

Not Just Another Walk In The Park: Shaylhin & Zypher

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Shaylhin: *Checking my surroundings as I close up for the night, again I feel like I’m being watched, keeping my guard up, I head out to Trade St. Walking by the park on the way to the diner; I inhale the scent of baby powder. Reaching behind my hair, I grip the handle of my sword, and slowly withdraw it from its sheath. My vision adjusting quickly to the darkness within the mass of trees, taking the path to the opening of the park, I see the lessers walking through, clasping their weapons.*

Zypher: *Following the female again from her training facility, my leathers growing tight as I enjoy her attire. Didn’t know this female could make my body react the way it does. I dematerialize behind her as she enters the park, almost losing her through the trees. Breathing in, I not only smell the female’s spicy scent, but the sickly sweet smell of baby powder on the wind. My instincts kicking in as I remove a dagger from my holster, I scan the copse for lessers, needing this fight to break the tension that tis building inside.*

Shaylhin: *Hearing a sound behind me, I spin and prepare to fight, just as I see the Bastard emerge from the bank of trees.* What are YOU doing here? *Exasperated, lowering my weapon.* Are you following me?

Zypher: I am the least of yer worries right now, female *Pointing with my dagger and my gaze at the approaching lessers* Shall we? Females first! *Grinning at the bemused look on yer face*

Shaylhin: *Turning my head, engaging the three that are running at us, yelling at Zypher* I can handle this! *I arc my sword downward, getting in a slice across the torso of one.*

Zypher: *Ignoring ye, rolling my eyes* I know ye can, female. But why should I let ye ‘ave all the fun? *Clothes-lining a lesser, knocking him down, feeling a knee to my ribs, throwing me to the side, I yank on his jack with my fist, and aim upward with my dagger, he blocks it with his forearm, as the blade sinks into flesh and bone.*

Shaylhin: *Concentrating on my foe in front of me, I give him a swift kick with my boot at the side of his knee, hearing the crack of bone, taking him down. I see that he is going for a gun, and just when he pulls it out, my fist connects with his head as a stray shot is fired off* Dumb move, ghostie! *Shaking my head and plunging my sword right through his jacket, hitting home with a ~pop~. I see that Zypher has both lessers on him. Casually asking* How ya doin? Need some help? *Chuckling*

Zypher: Doin’ just fine, thank ye! *Grunting through clenched teeth. Kicking at the lesser that has me down on the ground, I punch him hard in the face, cracking his jaw, when he grabs for it, I hit home with my dagger, watching the flash and he’s gone.*

Shaylhin: *Taking the hilt of my sword, I whack the last lesser on the back of the head, distracting him from the downed Bastard* Sometimes a woman’s work is NEVER done *Sigh* Come on, ghostie… Wanna dance? *The lesser raises his bat, I reach into my jacket, pulling out my glock, I fire at his chest, and watch as the black blood oozes down the front. He kicks at my sword hand, making me lose my grip on it. I aim again with my gun and fire at his knee, I watch him topple over then flash* Huh? *Zypher was behind him, dagger in hand, shielding his eyes from the bright light.*

Zypher: We make a good pair ye know, female. *Giving ye a fangy grin, I haul myself to my feet, swaggering o’er to ye, and brush a lock of hair out of yer face*

Shaylhin: *Knocking your hand away* Will you just quit it already? *Going to pick up my sword and wiping it on the grass, then re-sheathing it.* I know you’re the one who’s been stalking me, Bastard.

Zypher: Nay I would no’ call it stalkin’… Just observin’… From afar *Chuckling at yer expression*

Shaylhin: Well, here in America, that is against the law…

Zypher: *Coming up close to ye, my hands gripping yer arms, and pulling ye to me, my face leaning down, inches from yers, my voice getting erotically low* Ye can no’ tell me ye don’ sense somethin’ b’tween us, female. *Inhaling the scent of yer hair, resembling spicy vanilla, with the e’er growing scent of arousal* I know ye want me *Smiling wide*

Shaylhin: *Pulling out of your grasp, I haul off and punch you in the face, watching your head snap back in surprise* You…. Don’t…Know… ME! *My adrenaline rising along with something else that I just can’t place, I spin for a roundhouse kick, but you block it with your hands, taking the momentum, bringing us to the ground, my face hitting the pavement and you on top of me, your breath hot on my ear * Get… OFF… ME!

Zypher: Nay… Yer lyin’ to yerself… *Moving yer hair out of the way, I take the shell of yer ear in between my teeth and tug gently. *

Shaylhin: *A moan escapes from somewhere, before I realize that was me!* FUCK *My hips reacting of their own accord against the Bastards leathers, feeling something hard up against my behind. Your tongue tracing along my ear, I moan again* Stop… *My voice breaking* Please…

Zypher: *Rolling ye o’er, my  body pressing hard into yers now, lookin’ down into yer emerald eyes, seein’ fear, an’ lust at the same time* Ye can no’ mean that female… Let yerself go!

Shaylhin: *Listening to Haven in my head, telling me that I should just go for it… * I… I… *Closing my eyes, and opening them, staring up at you, the doubt flooding through me in waves, I push it down with all my might, bringing my hand up behind your head I mash my mouth to yours. Our swords and daggers no longer the implements of battle; but our lips and tongues take over as we writhe on the grass.*

Zypher: *Feeling ye give in, this wild female taking me by surprise, yer mouth finally melding to mine. Groaning as I grind my hips against yers, my thigh spreading yer legs, wishing that my clothing would dematerialize as  my hunger to be inside ye grows concurrently with my shaft. My hands exploring e’ery inch that tis available for me to reach, then I feel ye pushing at me, breaking the kiss. Confusion appearing on my face* What tis it female? *My senses picking up on others in their approach*

Shaylhin: Shhhh! *Whispering* I hear someone coming *Scanning the park I see some kids entering from the other end, I push you off me, as you lay on your side, your elbow perching you up.* Looking back at you as I sit up, then back at the kids in the distance.* We can’t do this… *Shaking my head* Not here. *Resolving what I’m going to say next in my head, not believing that I’m actually suggesting it* Listen… You obviously know where my facility is… Right? *Watching you nod* Meet me there… 2 weeks tomorrow. I need to deal with some things first.. But I need your help. Will you help me?

Zypher: Will ye tell me yer name, beauty?

Shaylhin: Shaylhin… My name… Is Shaylhin *Small smile crooking at the side of my mouth*

Zypher: Aye, Shaylhin… Fitting for a beauty.. Well Shaylhin, I can no’ promise, but I can try. *Standing, I give ye my hand to help ye up.* A fortnight then? *Weaving my hands in yer hair, growling as I possessively take yer lips again, tasting yer sweetness. Severing our kiss, breathless,* Til then, beauty.

Shaylhin: *I watch Zypher dematerialize and let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding. Slamming my palm over my eyes,* Blessed Scribe Virgin… what have I just done? *I check that all my weapons are holstered, and dematerialize home, completely forgetting that I was hungry… At least now, not for food.*